How To Refinish Hardwood Table Tops

Refinishing your old furniture is a great way to redefine it and make it look newer. It can also be a fun DIY project that is not too demanding. It doesn't require a bunch of rare and expensive tools and the work is not too physical. Perhaps the only concern is that you have to work with stain chemicals and sawdust. These can both be harsh on your lungs and should not be inhaled. Read More 

Chic Furnishings For A Clean, Contemporary Office Space

If you want to give your office or work-space a fresh face, go with clean, contemporary furnishings that will aid efficiency and productivity. Giving your office a new look can also inspire you and subsequently improve productivity in the space. Some things you must have in your modern workspace include: Ergonomically-friendly chair. You will need a chair that offers support and comfort, such as an ergonomically-friendly office chair. Your workspace chair is not the place to scrimp- buy a high-quality chair that is designed for daily, regular usage. Read More