Finding Special Pieces

Learn How To Buy Quality Antique Pieces

If you want to start buying and selling antiques, it is important to know how to tell if you are buying a piece that is valuable before making a purchase. Do not make the mistake of taking the word of a seller that a piece is as it seems. There are many replicas on the market that are designed to look just like antiques, but actually have little to no value to them. Read More 

Taking A Closer Look At Frequent Questions About Front-Loading Washing Machines

When you take a look at the history of washing machines, you will see that when the transition was made to electronic models that were made to be used in the home in the 1950s, the design did not change a great deal for many years in the US. Features and operating mechanics were much the same, but with the invention of the front-loading washing machine for home use, consumers got the chance to get their hands on something different. Read More 

How To Design A Farmhoue Style Living Room

A living room should be one of the most inviting, comfortable rooms in your home. For some homeowners, there's nothing more comfortable than a cozy, rustic farmhouse. If you're attempting to design a country- or farmhouse-inspired living room, here's a few tips to keep in mind. Choose farm fabrics. Incorporate textured fabrics like burlap and canvas into your living room. These fabrics are very heavily associated with farm life (and with the outdoors in general). Read More 

Five Tips To Add Space To Your Place

Whether you are just starting out and need to furnish a cramped apartment or you're a baby boomer down-sizing for simplicity, following these five simple tips for furnishing your new place will pay off in making your space look larger and airier. Put your couch on a diet. Look for clean lines in your upholstered pieces with no extra stuffing or padding. You can still have comfortable seating without the extra tufting and exaggerated features like big rolled arms. Read More 

Four Ways A Professional Refinisher Protects And Respects Your Piano

It takes a discerning musician to eschew the popular but amateurish "do-it-yourself" piano painting and give your piano the professional refinishing it deserves. As a musician, however, you are rightfully possessive of your piano. This may lead to being a bit wary of entrusting it to the hands of a technician or furniture professional. Here are four ways refinishers take special care of your piano during refinishing to ensure that its musicality is enhanced rather than hindered by the experience: Read More