Moving To A Studio Apartment? 3 Furniture Purchases Worth Making

If you are making plans to move into a studio apartment when you only have experience with living in larger places, you may know that you will need to shop for new furniture. Your existing pieces may not fit into a studio apartment without turning the unit into a cramped space.

As soon as you know the look and layout of the place that you will be living in, you can figure out what furniture pieces you should purchase after moving in. Even though you may be moving into a small place, you can get a lot of functionality out of furniture by making strategic purchases.

Convertible Sofa Bed

Fitting an actual bed in a studio apartment is something that you can accomplish when you decide that it is one of your highest priorities, but you should consider going with an alternative such as a convertible sofa bed. This kind of furniture piece will give you something to sit on during the day and a place to sleep at night as long as you spend a couple of minutes setting up every day.

Kitchen Cart

A great purchase to make is a kitchen cart, especially if you are someone who enjoys cooking. Many studio apartments will have limited storage space in general, and you should also not expect to get as many cabinets and drawers to use compared to the typical apartment or home.

This makes a kitchen cart worth picking up because it will provide you with so much function and flexibility. For instance, you can get one with wheels so that you can move it around depending on what you are doing in the kitchen. The countertop can work as a prep space when you are cooking as well as a dining space as long as you clean up while you are cooking or before eating.


Even if you are able to store a lot of clothes in your closet, you may want to pick up a dresser because of its ability to provide you with other functionalities. A long and short dresser is useful for setting up a dresser mirror and even putting things on top such as a television. You will also find a tall dresser worth picking up since it will help you utilize as much vertical space as possible.

When you are determined to make smart furniture purchases for your studio apartment, you may want to consider these options as you cannot go wrong with any of them. Visit a furniture store to see what's available.