How Luxury Furniture Can Help Improve Patient Experience

Imagine walking into a waiting room and plopping down into an uncomfortably hard, thinly padded chair. As you sit there, your back begins to ache but it is impossible to move anywhere else. Your eyes scan the room and you find that your only option is more chairs that are equally uncomfortable lined next to one another in close proximity.

Your wait time stretches on, seemingly taking forever because of your growing discomfort. You look over and see an unsightly table covered in old, worn-out magazines. Your frustration grows and you start wondering if perhaps you should seek out a new doctor.

As a doctor, it is your job to show your patients how much you care. The first thing your patients see when they enter your office is your reception and waiting room area. If you truly care, that is the first place you can show them. Luxury furniture can help you improve patient experiences if you know what tips to incorporate.

Out with the Old, In with the New

First, start by rethinking the furniture and layout of your waiting area. Toss out all the old, outdated, and uncomfortable furniture lining the room. Choose high-quality comfortable seating options to help improve the patience of your patients as they wait to see you.

Remove the clusters of tables and magazines in favor of coffee tables, sturdier-looking end tables, soothing lamps, eye-catching table décor, and bins that help keep magazines and books looking clean and organized.

Reconsider Your Layout

When you incorporate new furnishings into your waiting room, you should also reconsider the layout of the room. If you line chairs up in a row one right next to the other, you are forcing even more discomfort on your patients.

A patient coming to see you about possible migraines does not want to sit elbow-to-elbow with someone who is coughing and sneezing up a storm. Consider movable chairs that allow your patients more control over their comfort.

You should also offer greater spacing. For instance, you could create a kid-friendly corner so children stay entertained without bothering the other patients in the waiting room. Keeping your furniture spaced apart allows patients to feel more comfortable and willing to wait.

Speak to a luxury furniture supplier to find out what options are available to help you update your waiting room. An expert can assist you in finding furnishings that match your style and budget. A professional can also help you select colors that promote patience and soothing.