3 Pieces Of Modern Furniture You Should Add To Your Home

Modern furniture can give an old, dated space a fresh twist, which is why many people opt to mix things up. However, it can be a little stressful to know what to add to your space, especially if you are new to incorporating modern pieces into your design. Here are three pieces of modern and contemporary furniture you should think about adding and why.  

1. A Statement Ottoman Forget about those traditional square storage ottomans and think about looking for a statement ottoman. Look for ottomans finished in bright patterned fabrics, or made into interesting shapes. 

For instance, instead of a traditional square ottoman, opt for an octagonal piece finished in a modern geometric pattern. Look for modern finishes, such as sleek, peg-leg style feet or a footless design. 

Pair your statement ottoman with more traditional furniture, such as an old leather clubhouse-style sofa or a comfy armchair. 

2. A Streamlined Sofa While fun accent pieces can be an interesting way to liven up your living room, choosing a more streamlined sofa will serve you well for years. Consider looking for a simple, modern sofa with clean lines in a neutral color like gray, black, or cream. Additionally, pay attention to the finishing details such as the edge nailing patterns or the woodwork on the feet. 

By selecting a simple, streamlined sofa, you can update the furniture piece with modern accents like new throw pillows or interesting art, creating a timeless look that melds with your home's changes. 

Additionally, look for a fabric that will stand the test of time. Leathers are durable and attractive, while also creating a sleek, modern look. 

3. A Minimalist Desk Instead of a large executive desk, consider investing in a minimalist-style desk. Examples include completely clear acrylic desks that are folded into a simple two-sided rectangular shape or a glass desk on a modern metal stand. 

Desks created in a minimalist design allow you to open up the room and create less of a busy appearance, while also improving the functionality of the space. 

When you want to start shopping for the perfect piece of modern furniture, check out furniture stores in your area. Don't be afraid to invest in something a little different, but bring along color swatches of your existing furniture and décor to streamline your home design. Last but not least, talk with a furniture store employee to find out which collections meld together.