Chic Furnishings For A Clean, Contemporary Office Space

If you want to give your office or work-space a fresh face, go with clean, contemporary furnishings that will aid efficiency and productivity. Giving your office a new look can also inspire you and subsequently improve productivity in the space.

Some things you must have in your modern workspace include:

Ergonomically-friendly chair. You will need a chair that offers support and comfort, such as an ergonomically-friendly office chair. Your workspace chair is not the place to scrimp- buy a high-quality chair that is designed for daily, regular usage.

The perfect desk. Do you really need a desk? Maybe the perfect desk for your chic office isn't a desk at all but a table. A work-station table can be more convenient and appropriate for your laptop, printer, and work supplies than a traditional desk. If you are currently using an older-style desk, get rid of it and upgrade to something more streamlined and efficient.

Conversation seating. Create a space to sit and meet with clients, converse with coworkers, or simply to eat your lunch. Find chrome or steel-legged sofas that have modern upholstery, or go with comfortable side-chairs. Be sure to include an accent table or surface space to place your belongings.

Clever storage. If you are looking for storage space in a smaller office or makeshift workspace, consider buying furnishings that are intended to serve as secret storage compartments. For example, some ottomans have lift-up lids that expose a cavity to storing supplies. You may also find tables with wide, shallow drawers underneath that are perfect for holding office goods.

Limited accents. Don't take up space in your office area with clutter or knick-knacks. Make sure that each accent you put in your office has a purpose, including artwork or items that make you feel inspired.

Other tips when creating your workspace include:

  • Clear the clutter to prevent visual distractions that can impede productivity.
  • Per Feng Shui, you should never place your desk directly facing the door to your office. Also, you should never arrange your space so that your back is toward the door.
  • If you work from home, make sure that you have a dedicated space that is away from your bedroom or the hub of the home. This may seem impossible; consider remodeling a closet, a porch, or even a shed into your dedicated work-space.

Use these suggestions when you want to give your work-space a fresh, new look. Consider investing in a few office pieces that will make the space more convenient, accessible, and comfortable, which can improve productivity. For more information, visit sites like