Caring For Your Car’s Upholstery As A Pet Owner: Tips For Your Vehicle’s Interior

The cloth and vinyl seats in your car are designed with both attraction and comfort in mind and are built to last as long as the car does. You want to protect your seats from holes and tears as well as stains. This can be hard to do if you are a daily driver who travels with pets regularly in their car, potentially allowing hair and stains to get on the material. Here are ways you can take care of your car's interior so it can look and smell as fresh as possible, even if you have extremely smelly or hairy pets in the car.

Customize your upholstery

Vinyl seats can be easily clawed open by pet nails and claws, and leather gets scratched and scuffed when animals climb in and out of the vehicle. Cloth can attract hair. Customize your upholstery by having seat covers made that can both protect the seat and be removable for washing or when you don't have animals in the car. Custom seat covers can be designed with zippers in the back for easy placement, and can come in a variety of fresh hues or patterns. If you don't want to get custom seat covers, then consider having only the seat parts of your interior replaced with a heavy corduroy fabric in a cream or tan hue (this hides hair better) that will be able to take on many pet-inspired challenges.

Crate your pets

Whether you travel with your beloved mutt or you have a cat that likes to buddy up with you for adventures, your pet can do a lot of damage roaming free in your car, chewing, scratching, or even retching on your upholstery. They can also get hurt or cause a distraction for you on the road. Crate them in the backseat while you drive, placing their crates on custom mats designed for your cars seats so you don't get scratches or stains on the upholstery. Mats can be designed of hardy rubber like floor mats or can simply be padded pieces of material meant simply to absorb the weight and edges of crates while traveling. As a bonus, these kinds of mats can double as cushioned seats for everyday driving.

You love to take your pets with you when you go places, but your car may suffer as a result. To protect the inside of your ride and make it fresh and clean, consider customizing the interior materials so they suit your lifestyle a bit better.