Customize Your Dining Room Furniture by Turning Chairs into a Stylish Bench

Having custom pieces of furniture in your home can really show off your unique decorating style. Dining room furniture is often a great place to start when it comes to customizing your furniture. The guide below walks you through the steps of turning two dining room chairs into one stylish bench.

Choose the Right Chairs

The first thing you need to do is choose the right chairs for the project. You want chairs with seats that are as close to being squares or rectangles as possible, such as square-seated Stickley furniture. This will allow you to butt the chairs very closely against one another to create the perfect bench.

Remove the Padding from the Seats

Next, you need to remove any padded areas of the seats that the chairs may have. Flip the chairs upside down so that the legs are facing toward the ceiling. Use a screwdriver to remove any screws that are holding the padded area of the seats to the chairs.

Secure the Chairs to One Another

Once the padded areas of the seats are removed, you will want to press the two chairs as close to one another as you can. Use a drill to drill screws from the inner side of one chair into the other chair to secure the two chairs together. Repeat the process with quite a few screws to ensure that the chairs are secure. The screws will not be visible when the bench is complete.

Paint the Bench

If you want to paint the bench, this is when you want to do it. Spray paint is often great for this type of painting job, but be sure to use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand down the finish on the bench slightly to ensure that the paint can stick to the surface well.

Create the Seat

Measure the seat of the bench to determine the width and the length of it. Cut a one-inch-thick piece of wood to the exact width and length of the bench. Cut furniture padding and glue it to the board. Next, lay a piece of fabric that you feel would pair nicely with the paint color or finish of the bench out flat on the floor. Lay the padded seat onto the fabric with the padding touching the fabric. Pull the fabric up, around the edges of the board and secure it with a staple gun. Repeat the process until all of the fabric is secure and pulled taut.

Once the seat is finished, you will want to flip the bench upside down again and use small screws to attach the bottom of the padded seat that you created to the bench. You should be able to use the same holes that were used for the original padded seats. Once everything is attached, you can start using the bench right away.