Sinking Or Sagging Couch? Here’s How To Fix It

Couches and sofas can be quite costly, and you probably consider this important piece of furniture a major investment. Since you probably spend a lot of time sitting on the couch, it's not surprising that it can sink or dip over time. This results in a very uncomfortable sitting experience and most people are likely to simply throw it out on the curb and purchase a new one. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a new couch, consider these tips to make repairs to your sagging couch so you can preserve it and save some money.

Causes Of Sagging

The two most common reasons a couch starts to sag is a worn down cushion or a broken frame. In order to determine which issue is causing the sinking, you'll need to remove all of the cushions and perform a close inspection of everything underneath. Look carefully for cracked or bowed wood around the entire frame. Most new couches' frames are covered by a piece of fabric, so you may have to gently peel this back in order to take a closer look. Once you've determined the cause of the problem, you can move on to make the repairs.

Fixing A Couch Frame

If you discover cracked or broken wooden supports in the frame of the couch, you'll need to have them replaced. Make sure you purchase wood that is the exact same width as the existing wood of the frame to ensure proper weight distribution. The best way to do this is to take the broken section or piece of wood with you to the hardware store for comparison. Purchase the wood you need, and cut it to the proper length. Reattach it to the frame securely using wood screws, making sure it's tightly secured to the outer edges of the frame. If you want firmer support, you can also add a whole solid piece of plywood to the frame of the couch to go under the cushions instead of just replacing individual slats. Cut the plywood to fit, and secure it to the perimeter of the couch frame using a high-quality wood glue. Let the wood glue dry and cure completely before putting the cushions back on and sitting down.

Reinforcing Couch Cushions

If you discover that the frame of your couch seems to be in fine shape, the culprit is most likely worn out or compressed cushions. This easy repair can be done by opening the cover of your cushions and inserting new foam batting material. You can even replace it with pieces of memory foam for an excellent support option. Depending on how thick the filler is, you might need to insert several layers of it in order to get the desired amount of support. Make sure that everything is smoothed down inside of the cover so it's comfortable to sit on and lump-free. These simple repairs can make your couch comfortable again, and can save you money so you can continue to enjoy the couch you currently have for years to come. 

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