Personalizing Your Office Furnishings

It's estimated that adults who are employed in full-time positions across the United States spend 47 hours at the office each week. With so much time spent in an office environment, finding ways to personalize your work space can be beneficial.

Here are three simple furniture hacks you might want to try to make your office seem more inviting in the future.

1. Consider reupholstering your office chair.

Many office chairs come equipped with plain black upholstery. Doing something as simple as swapping out this upholstery for a fabric with a bright print can liven up your work space.

Using a screwdriver, remove the seat and backrest from your office chair. Cut away the existing upholstery fabric, and use the seat and backrest as a template to trace a pattern onto the fabric of your choice.

If you want to add additional cushioning to make your chair more comfortable, be sure to factor the added bulk into your template. Cut your new fabric pieces, and staple them around the seat and backrest. Reassemble your office chair, and begin enjoying a customized work space.

2. Use dry erase boards to make your storage space more functional.

If you work in a field that requires creativity, having space to brainstorm can be beneficial. If your office space doesn't have room for both storage and an area to conduct brainstorming activities, you can combine these two elements into a single piece of furniture.

Covering the front of your file cabinet drawers or cupboard doors with dry erase boards gives you the opportunity to turn office storage furnishings into makeshift white boards. Simply measure out the dimensions of the surface you want to cover, then cut sections of dry erase board to match.

You can attach your white board pieces using adhesive strips to allow for easy removal in the future.

3. Line your bookcases with fabric.

A simple way to add a pop of color to your office space is to line the interior of your bookcases with fabric.

All you need to complete this office furniture renovation is some fabric in the pattern of your choice and a can of adhesive spray glue. Remove the rear panel from your bookcase. Measure out a piece of fabric that will completely cover the panel, then attach the fabric using your adhesive spray glue.

Reattach the rear panel, and enjoy your chic new office space.

Finding ways to give your office furnishings a personal touch will help you enjoy the time you spend at work each week. Speak to professionals like Alexander Brothers Ltd for more tips.