High End Furniture Pieces Worth Your Investment

When it comes to furnishing your home, you want to make investments in pieces that will last a lifetime. Some furniture items are definitely worth the investment if you want to go high end. Here are high end furniture items worth every penny.

Coffee Table

A hand-carved wooden coffee table is worth every penny, and here's why. Contemporary and modern styles come and go, but classic wooden pieces always stay in style. You can always 'upgrade' a wooden coffee table by placing a sheet of glass on top of it or adding pretty accessories as styles change. Your coffee table will stand the test of time because of its traditional lines and needed use in the home, and is worth any investment you can afford.

Leather Pieces

Leather is creamy, dreamy, and luxurious and can bring any room in your home to a new level of class and old-fashioned glamour. Leather furniture pieces, such as couches, armchairs, and settees, are a worthy investment because leather can last for many years with the right maintenance. The higher level of quality leather furniture is, the longer it lasts. There are many styles of leather you can look for in high end furniture, including: 

  • Nubuck (buffed leather)
  • Pigmented (such as white, black, or brown)
  • Aniline (natural finish)

China closet

A china closet, also known as a china cabinet, is a glass-enclosed shelving unit that you can place against a wall in your dining room or living room to display pictures, trinkets, and china. Since china closets serve as both decorative and functional pieces in the home, it's always a good investment to spend more money on a high end piece for your home. China closets are typically made of detailed wood, such as oak, maple, walnut, or pine, and finished in natural tones. Contemporary china closets are often painted white or gray, then buffed to look antique.

Venetian mirror

The Venetian mirror was first created in Italy in the 16th century, and was known to be created by the purest of glass. As such, only the most noble of royalty could afford them. Today, these mirrors still hold the same high standards as they did hundreds of years ago and are beautiful in any home. This beautiful tribute to history makes a wonderful heirloom treasure for the home and is worth investing in.

Many high end furniture pieces can bring great value to your home for many years. Whether it is a reliable leather piece or a beautiful mirror, you can make your home look amazing. Consider looking into local stores that specialize in high end furniture, such as ID Furniture and Design.