How to Create a Strong Homeschool Portfolio with a Bed Scanner

With a new school year getting ready to start, it's a perfect time to think about how you're going to create your home school portfolio. If you're looking for a way to create a comprehensive portfolio without having to keep huge stacks of papers and projects, investing in a bed scanner for your home school room may be just the answer that you need. Here are a few tips for putting a bed scanner to use for your home school portfolio.

Start with the Basics

If your state requires that you keep attendance through the year, you can do this in an electronic file, or you can log your attendance on a printed sheet and scan it at the end of the year. Either way, just make sure you have documentation showing how many days you actively had lessons. For many, it's as easy as just printing calendars and marking off instructional days, visits to the zoo, and other outings.

Then, gather a copy of your home school registration certificate and the vaccination records for your child. If your state requires a physical every year, have the paperwork signed by the pediatrician and collect that as well.

Create a single PDF file that contains all of these documents (attendance, certification, and medical), then label it as something like "Administrative Paperwork" so that you know what that portion of the portfolio is.

Address the Academics

Your annual portfolio needs to be a comprehensive look at what you're doing for the year. That means you'll need samples from each of the core subjects as well as documentation of anything extra that you've done during the year.

Start with a few of the first things you do when school starts up. This shows the evaluator where your child is educationally at the start of the year. Include worksheets, drawings, essays, collages, and anything else that shows what your child is capable of at this stage. Three or four things from this part of the year in each subject should be sufficient. Scan all of these documents into a PDF file and save it under a file name such as "Beginning of Year" for easy identification.

Repeat this process at the midpoint of the year and again at the end. Consider your work evidence carefully, and scan things that you really would like to preserve. The goal is to show the evaluator that your child has progressed through the year. Scanning your portfolio makes the process so much easier than having to juggle all of the papers in a binder or accordion file all year long. After all, with a bed scanner, you can scan many hand-written and crafted items that showcase who your child is. Not only does this make your portfolio evaluation easier to organize, but it gives you digital records of your child's development and education.

When you have a quality bed scanner for your home school environment, you can not only produce your portfolio for the year quickly and easily, but you also limit the paperwork you're having to store at home. It may mean being able to ditch the totes or big storage bins that you thought you'd need to keep track of your child's entire school career. Talk to  your local scanner supplier today to choose the best scanner for your home school and simplify your review process.