Maintaining Your Wood Dining Room Furniture

If you purchased a wood dining room table and chairs, you will want to take steps to maintain the pieces so they look as nice as they do when they are new. Taking the time to do  taking precautionary safety steps and routine maintenance when dealing with wood furniture will help keep it from premature damage. Here are some guidelines to follow when taking care of a new set of dining room furniture.

Use Protection

When you are not using your dining room table, it is a good idea to keep the surface covered so it remains free from debris. This will make it easier to utilize as you will not need to do a deep cleaning beforehand. Keep solid wood tables and chairs out of direct sunlight so they do not become faded. If you do need to place your table in an area that gets glimpses of sunlight, a table covering will help keep it safe. Use chair covers on the backs of wooden chairs and cushions on the seats to help protect the wood underneath.

Keep Away From Heat

Wood can become warped if it is subjected to excessive temperatures. Make sure you do not place your new wood furniture near a fireplace, heating vents, or oven. Humidity can also cause wood to expand. If the room you are using for your furniture is susceptible to humidity, place a dehumidifier in the room to help keep moisture content low. Placing a small inconspicuous bowl of cedar wood chips in the room can also help draw excess moisture out of the air. When using your table for dining, always use a coaster for drinks to decrease the risk of water damage.

Clean The Wood

To remove dust from your furniture, use a piece of cheesecloth or cotton t-shirt moistened in water to wipe away particles. Lightly rub with the grain of the wood to help avoid scratching. Do not use furniture polishes containing silicone to clean your furniture, as they can weaken the structure of the wood. Instead mix a few teaspoons of non-alkaline liquid soap into a bucket of water and gently scrub the surface of the furniture using a soft piece of cloth.

Immediately after cleaning, use a dry piece of cloth to remove the solution from the wood so it does not cause water damage. To give your furniture a healthy-looking shine, use a carnauba wax polish once or twice a year.