Taking A Closer Look At Frequent Questions About Front-Loading Washing Machines

When you take a look at the history of washing machines, you will see that when the transition was made to electronic models that were made to be used in the home in the 1950s, the design did not change a great deal for many years in the US. Features and operating mechanics were much the same, but with the invention of the front-loading washing machine for home use, consumers got the chance to get their hands on something different.

The difference between the traditional washer and a modern front-loader is not just in appearance, but in operation as well. Here are a few of the most common questions about the front-load washing machine you see at the appliance store.

Why can front-load machines handle heavier loads than the usual top-load design?

One of the major differences you will see when the appliance store representative is showing you a front-load machine is the fact that overloading is not as big of a concern. This is because less water is used during the cycles and the load will not be as heavy. You can stuff clothing in to the top of the drum, and still see the washer function the same. However, these machines can still be overloaded, which can result in what is inside not getting thoroughly cleaned.

Why does the wash cycle take longer in comparison to older washing machine models?

You may be surprised to see that the average wash cycle in a front-loader can be quite longer than a traditional washer. This is related to the fact that the washer is designed to get the clothes clean without the use of a tub full of water, which is wasteful. Further, spin times can be longer to eliminate dirty water during wash and get the clothes better prepared for the dryer.

How likely is it that a front-loading washer will last as long as a top-load style?

On average, any washer should last around 14 years at a rate of one load washed every day. There is really no difference in the durability of either model. Where the difference will lie is in how well you understand the operating differences and maintenance procedures.

When you know a few facts about front-loading washing machines, it is easy to see why this type is quickly becoming a popular appliance choice for consumers. Even though most models boast a lot of the same features, keep in mind that there can be huge differences between models as well. Contact C M City Rentals for more information.