How To Design A Farmhoue Style Living Room

A living room should be one of the most inviting, comfortable rooms in your home. For some homeowners, there's nothing more comfortable than a cozy, rustic farmhouse. If you're attempting to design a country- or farmhouse-inspired living room, here's a few tips to keep in mind.

Choose farm fabrics. Incorporate textured fabrics like burlap and canvas into your living room. These fabrics are very heavily associated with farm life (and with the outdoors in general). Including a burlap throw pillow, rug, or wall hanging can add the exact splash of color you're looking for.

Have minimalistic windows. A splash of color can liven up any room, and it may be tempting to add colorful curtains to your windows. But if you're going for a farmhouse style, you're going to want something a little more "plain." Fancy, plush curtains may look nice, but they don't necessary invoke a "farm" feel. Choose basic, wooden blinds for your windows. If you absolutely must include curtains though, choose simple fabrics with basic, solid colors.

Go with natural lighting. Even though you're trying to invoke some "outdoors" elements into your living room, you don't want bright lighting. Instead, opt for large windows for natural lighting and low-light table lamps. You probably will want some overhead lighting too, but make sure you have a dimmer switch installed so you can still keep it dim.

Incorporate wood. If there's one thing that immediately comes to mind with a farmhouse, it's exposed wood. Choose hardwood flooring and maybe even a few "rustic" looking wooden picture frames. You can even add artificial wooden beams to the ceiling for an incredibly beautiful look.

Include a fireplace or wood burning stove. If your living room already has a fireplace, make sure your design focuses on that space. But even if you don't, you still have some options. The addition of a wood burning stove (whether you actually use it or not) can provide an incredibly cozy and rustic feel, and can even help keep you warm in the winter.

Opt for open storage. Picture a farmhouse barn, and the image of tools hanging all over a wall may come to mind. If you're creating a farmhouse-style living room, opt for open storage. Add some floor to ceiling bookshelves to keep small, sentimental items and books. This provides a "lived in" look, and makes your space relaxing and inviting.

Decorate with appropriate décor. "Choose farmhouse decor" might sound like an obvious tip. But what exactly constitute farmhouse? Choose decorations that include pictures of the local area, old maps, animals, nature, and even farm tools.

One of the biggest things to remember when designing a living room like this is to keep things comfortable. It doesn't matter how beautifully designed a space is if you or your family doesn't want to spend time there. If you need help choosing furniture or developing a well-designed room, talk with Heary Art & Sons Furniture Inc. With a little planning and preparation though, it's not too hard to have the living room of your dreams!