Finding Special Pieces

Finding Special Pieces

Caring For Your Car’s Upholstery As A Pet Owner: Tips For Your Vehicle’s Interior

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The cloth and vinyl seats in your car are designed with both attraction and comfort in mind and are built to last as long as the car does. You want to protect your seats from holes and tears as well as stains. This can be hard to do if you are a daily driver who travels with pets regularly in their car, potentially allowing hair and stains to get on the material. Here are ways you can take care of your car’s interior so it can look and smell as fresh as possible, even if you have extremely smelly or hairy pets in the car. Customize your upholstery Vinyl seats can be easily clawed open by pet nails and claws, and leather gets scratched and scuffed when animals climb in and out of the vehicle. Cloth can attract hair. Customize your upholstery by having seat covers made that can both protect the seat and be removable for washing or when you don’t have animals in the car. Custom seat covers can be designed with zippers in the back for easy placement, and can come in a variety of fresh hues or patterns. If you don’t want to get custom seat covers, then consider having only the seat parts of your interior replaced with a heavy corduroy fabric in a cream or tan hue (this hides hair better) that will be able to take on many pet-inspired challenges. Crate your pets Whether you travel with your beloved mutt or you have a cat that likes to buddy up with you for adventures, your pet can do a lot of damage roaming free in your car, chewing, scratching, or even retching on your upholstery. They can also get hurt or cause a distraction for you on the road. Crate them in the backseat while you drive, placing their crates on custom mats designed for your cars seats so you don’t get scratches or stains on the upholstery. Mats can be designed of hardy rubber like floor mats or can simply be padded pieces of material meant simply to absorb the weight and edges of crates while traveling. As a bonus, these kinds of mats can double as cushioned seats for everyday driving. You love to take your pets with you when you go places, but your car may suffer as a result. To protect the inside of your ride and make it fresh and clean, consider customizing the interior materials so they suit your lifestyle a bit...

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Two Signs That It’s Time For You To Get A New Mattress

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Although you likely sleep on your mattress every night, it’s so easy to forget that it is an item that will need to be replaced at some point.  As long as there isn’t any glaring damage, such as spokes poking through the seams, you may think the mattress is just fine.  However, there may be other, more subtle things going on which point out the need for a replacement.  Use this information to learn more about two signs that it’s time for you to get a new mattress from a place like The Mattress Store. You Experience More Aches And Pains One of the main signs that it’s time to replace your mattress has to do with the way you feel.  If you’ve begun to notice that you deal with more aches and pains than you formerly did, it’s time to consider whether your mattress is the culprit.  Although you may think that the additional pains are a result of getting older, this isn’t always the case.  As your mattress ages, it naturally begins to provide less support than it once did.  Whereas the mattress may have once cradled your body in soothing comfort, there may now be dents and valleys that provide an uneven surface that is affecting your back. A good way to determine if your mattress is the cause of your pain is to take note of how you feel after sleeping on another bed.  You may stay in a very nice hotel with quality mattresses, or spend some time at a friend’s or family member’s house who has good mattresses.  If you find that you don’t have as many aches and pains when you sleep on a different mattress, it’s time to have your current model replaced. You Are Starting To Experience More Allergies If you find yourself starting to reach for over-the-counter medicines to counteract new allergies, you may not suspect that your mattress is the root cause of your problem.  However, your mattress may be infected with dust mites, which feed off of the excess skin that is shed from your body.  As more and more of this builds up in your mattress, it could become overrun with dust mites. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a good mattress can last as long as ten years, depending on how you use and take care of it.  The older it is, it’s likely to contain more dust mites.  If your mattress is over a decade old, switch it out.  You may be surprised to find that you start to experience relief from your allergies. Paying careful attention to the signs is the key to knowing when a new mattress is needed.  If you notice any of these symptoms, purchase a new mattress without...

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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing An Adjustable Bed For Back Pain

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If you are living with chronic back pain, it can be very difficult to get a good night of sleep. Pain combined with sleep deprivation can result in very long, uncomfortable days. When you need rest, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed. These types of beds come with a number of features, and the bed can be adjusted to a variety of positions that can help support your back so you can get comfortable and actually fall asleep. When shopping for an adjustable mattress to help with your back pain, consider the following: Risk-Free Trial Since they have more features, adjustable beds are typically more expensive than traditional mattresses. Buying an adjustable bed can be quite an investment, so it is important to purchase from a mattress store or retailer that offers a risk-free trial. A risk-free trial allows you to sleep on your new adjustable bed for a set number of days, and if you do not like it, you can exchange it. This provides the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t get stuck with a bed that you do not like. It is important to note that it can take some time to adjust to a new bed, so sleep on your adjustable bed for a few weeks before deciding whether or not you like it. Features In addition to the head and foot of the bed adjusting, adjustable beds have a number of additional features to choose from. Some of the beds have adjustable firmness for increased lumbar support, massage settings, and heating settings. The more features your adjustable bed has, the more expensive it will be, so it is in your best interest to spend some time trying out different models of adjustable beds to see which features are the most beneficial for your situation and worth the cost for you. Warranty A warranty should always be a consideration when buying a mattress, but it is especially important when purchasing an adjustable bed. Since the base of an adjustable bed has an expensive motor and the other features have a number of parts, you want a warranty that will protect you in the event that anything breaks and ceases to work properly. When looking over the warranty, make sure that it also covers the mattress of your adjustable bed in case the mattress ends up being defective or breaking down prematurely....

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Decorating Your Home To Reconnect With Nature

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As the modern world becomes increasingly sleek and plastic, many fashionable homeowners have begun to ache for a more rustic and natural environment to relax in. This yearning has carried over into the latest interior design trends, with earthy tones and crisp minimalism continuing to dominate among taste-makers. If you are planning to redecorate your home and are trying for a more organic feel, keep these four points in mind as you begin hunting for furniture.  Choosing Rough Wood Rough wood avoids the manufactured appearance of so much wood furniture today, leaving each piece unique and fascinating in its own way. Some of the most popular methods to employ rough wood include using planks as shelves or mantles, or buying contemporary furniture crafted from it. Don’t worry about splinters; most rough wood is still sealed and even stained for aesthetic and practical purposes. Choose woods that are prone to burls and curving rings for maximum effect.  Relying on Natural Lighting and Colors The furnishings inside your house are an important part of its overall ambiance, but they are not the only thing you should consider. Just as important are the general color scheme and the lighting that illuminates your home. Opt for rooms bathed in bright, warm light through strategic use of your windows, and supplement the natural feeling with earthy colors in your paint and furniture.   Incorporating Plants Into Your Decor The fastest way to attain a natural style in your home is to bring a bit of nature inside. Besides brightening up your home, houseplants can also filter and refresh air that might otherwise stagnate and fill your rooms with the scent of flowers. Many pieces of contemporary furniture even include plants as part of their design, such as a table with an inset planter in the middle. Pepper your home with as many plants as you can reasonably care for, and don’t be afraid to spice things up with dwarf trees or cacti.  Buying Reused or Sustainable Furniture Of course, if you really want to establish your environmental credentials, you should look into furniture that is made using sustainable or recycled materials. Many furniture companies now take pride in their conservation efforts, allowing you to enjoy modern design without any guilt. Alternatively, vibrant and elegant vintage furniture is always in style, and many older pieces complement modern sensibilities well. With these tips in mind, you should be able to redecorate your home with the subtle touch of nature....

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Customize Your Dining Room Furniture by Turning Chairs into a Stylish Bench

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Having custom pieces of furniture in your home can really show off your unique decorating style. Dining room furniture is often a great place to start when it comes to customizing your furniture. The guide below walks you through the steps of turning two dining room chairs into one stylish bench. Choose the Right Chairs The first thing you need to do is choose the right chairs for the project. You want chairs with seats that are as close to being squares or rectangles as possible, such as square-seated Stickley furniture. This will allow you to butt the chairs very closely against one another to create the perfect bench. Remove the Padding from the Seats Next, you need to remove any padded areas of the seats that the chairs may have. Flip the chairs upside down so that the legs are facing toward the ceiling. Use a screwdriver to remove any screws that are holding the padded area of the seats to the chairs. Secure the Chairs to One Another Once the padded areas of the seats are removed, you will want to press the two chairs as close to one another as you can. Use a drill to drill screws from the inner side of one chair into the other chair to secure the two chairs together. Repeat the process with quite a few screws to ensure that the chairs are secure. The screws will not be visible when the bench is complete. Paint the Bench If you want to paint the bench, this is when you want to do it. Spray paint is often great for this type of painting job, but be sure to use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand down the finish on the bench slightly to ensure that the paint can stick to the surface well. Create the Seat Measure the seat of the bench to determine the width and the length of it. Cut a one-inch-thick piece of wood to the exact width and length of the bench. Cut furniture padding and glue it to the board. Next, lay a piece of fabric that you feel would pair nicely with the paint color or finish of the bench out flat on the floor. Lay the padded seat onto the fabric with the padding touching the fabric. Pull the fabric up, around the edges of the board and secure it with a staple gun. Repeat the process until all of the fabric is secure and pulled taut. Once the seat is finished, you will want to flip the bench upside down again and use small screws to attach the bottom of the padded seat that you created to the bench. You should be able to use the same holes that were used for the original padded seats. Once everything is attached, you can start using the bench right...

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Sinking Or Sagging Couch? Here’s How To Fix It

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Couches and sofas can be quite costly, and you probably consider this important piece of furniture a major investment. Since you probably spend a lot of time sitting on the couch, it’s not surprising that it can sink or dip over time. This results in a very uncomfortable sitting experience and most people are likely to simply throw it out on the curb and purchase a new one. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a new couch, consider these tips to make repairs to your sagging couch so you can preserve it and save some money. Causes Of Sagging The two most common reasons a couch starts to sag is a worn down cushion or a broken frame. In order to determine which issue is causing the sinking, you’ll need to remove all of the cushions and perform a close inspection of everything underneath. Look carefully for cracked or bowed wood around the entire frame. Most new couches’ frames are covered by a piece of fabric, so you may have to gently peel this back in order to take a closer look. Once you’ve determined the cause of the problem, you can move on to make the repairs. Fixing A Couch Frame If you discover cracked or broken wooden supports in the frame of the couch, you’ll need to have them replaced. Make sure you purchase wood that is the exact same width as the existing wood of the frame to ensure proper weight distribution. The best way to do this is to take the broken section or piece of wood with you to the hardware store for comparison. Purchase the wood you need, and cut it to the proper length. Reattach it to the frame securely using wood screws, making sure it’s tightly secured to the outer edges of the frame. If you want firmer support, you can also add a whole solid piece of plywood to the frame of the couch to go under the cushions instead of just replacing individual slats. Cut the plywood to fit, and secure it to the perimeter of the couch frame using a high-quality wood glue. Let the wood glue dry and cure completely before putting the cushions back on and sitting down. Reinforcing Couch Cushions If you discover that the frame of your couch seems to be in fine shape, the culprit is most likely worn out or compressed cushions. This easy repair can be done by opening the cover of your cushions and inserting new foam batting material. You can even replace it with pieces of memory foam for an excellent support option. Depending on how thick the filler is, you might need to insert several layers of it in order to get the desired amount of support. Make sure that everything is smoothed down inside of the cover so it’s comfortable to sit on and lump-free. These simple repairs can make your couch comfortable again, and can save you money so you can continue to enjoy the couch you currently have for years to come.  For more information, contact TimeSquare Furniture & Mattress or a similar...

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Four Factors To Consider When Choosing A Recliner

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Recliners can serve as comfortable seating options in your home, but it is important to make sure that you take the time to choose the right recliner to suit your needs. There are many things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a recliner to use in your home. The following guide walks you through the key factors to consider before purchasing a recliner. The Weight Capacity Every recliner has a maximum weight limit that it can hold. You want to be sure to take the time to ensure that the recliner you are considering is able to hold your weight or the weight of the heaviest person who may sit in the recliner. This ensures that the recliner does not break when someone sits in it. The Size Next, you need to consider where you want to put the recliner in your home. Measure the space so that you can be sure that you choose a recliner that will fit into the space well. Be sure to consider how long the recliner will be when it is fully reclined, as well. The Style You also need to consider the style of the recliner. Recliners are now available in many different styles and shapes. You want to be sure to consider if you want a modern, sleek look or a more casual, welcoming look. The Optional Features Finally, you need to consider what optional features you want in the recliner. There are some recliners that have speakers built into the backrest so that you can hear clearly what is being said on the television. There are also some recliners that have mini fridges built into them to allow you to easily grab a drink without having to get out of the comfortable chair. There are also chairs that have massagers built into them to allow you to have maximum relaxation when you kick your feet up to relax after a long day of work. Once you have considered these crucial factors, you can rest assured that you know what to look for when you head to the furniture store. Be sure to take the time to sit in each recliner you are considering to make sure you choose the recliner that feels the best to you. Clear the area where you want the recliner to be placed so that the delivery team can easily bring the recliner into your home and position it where you want it to be located when it...

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Use These Tactics To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

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Whether you’ve just purchased a new mattress and want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible or you have an old mattress and you want to extend its life a little more, there are several ways to go about this task. You shouldn’t expect that you’ll be able to extend the life of your mattress indefinitely; generally, the average mattress will last between 7 and 10 years. If the mattress is approaching this time limit but has yet to surpass it, you can use these methods to help use it as long as you can. Use A Protective Cover Protective covers for mattresses are sold in a variety of different styles and typically consist of a thick sheet that sits on the top of the mattress and is held in place with some elastic straps. If you don’t have a protective cover, it’s time to invest in one. These covers serve to not only collect any spills that might occur if you’re eating or drinking in bed but can also help to collect dust, hair, dust mites, and other things that can prematurely age your mattress. Keep in mind that in addition to using a protective cover, it’s ideal to avoid eating and drinking in bed as much as possible to avoid risks of spills that damage your mattress. Flip And Rotate The Mattress Regularly flipping and rotating your mattress is an effective way to prevent it from wearing out prematurely. Failing to take these steps can result in significant indentations where you sleep, and this can especially occur if you’re heavy. Plan to perform this task about four times per year—write it on the calendar at the start of the year or set quarterly reminders on your smartphone. Alternate flipping it end-over-end and rotating it clockwise or counter-clockwise. Shower Before Bed It might sound simple, but showering before you go to bed can serve as an easy way to prevent stains and odors from permeating your mattress. If you’re especially sweaty, the moisture and oils from your body can soak through your bed sheets and create large, unsightly stains on your mattress. You might find that these embarrass you and lead you to want to get rid of the mattress prematurely, or you might simply find that the mattress begins to smell. Either way, a quick shower at bedtime will help avoid these issues and prolong the life of your...

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6 Types Of Wood Finishes For Your Furniture

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Are you looking to refinish some wooden furniture? Then you should look at these wood finishes that can enhance your old furniture and give it a fresh new appearance. Compare and contrast the following: Green Finishes If you’re looking for a natural finish that is more eco-friendly, then consider using natural waxes and oils. For example, linseed oil and beeswax are both popular “green” finishes for wood. You can also use carnauba wax or safflower oil instead. Varnish Varnish is a finish that comes in a variety of shades, from transparent to fully colored. You can use to cover or to simply enhance the existing wood grain. It is hard-wearing and highly decorative. It helps preserve the wood from excess moisture or dryness by acting as a sealant. You can select a matte or glossy style, and water- or oil-based type. You can use it on bare wood, though you might need many coats to achieve your desired effect. Many people decide to use a brush to spread the varnish for a unique final appearance. You can use it inside or outside. Stain This will soak into the wood and is mostly decorative. It usually darkens the wood it is applied to. You can choose oil or water bases, and select a matte or glossy finish. Dye There are a variety of dyes. Typically they can be used to enhance the natural color of your furniture’s wooden elements, or perhaps you want to match the shades of different pieces of furniture, in which case a dye will be very useful. You can find them in both water- and oil-based styles. Wax An opaque, translucent finish is often the result of using wax on your wood furniture. You can buff out the wax to achieve a more glossy appearance. The wax protects your wood without penetrating the sealed surface. Oil Various oils, both natural and synthetic, can be used to refinish your wood. The oil can protect your wood, but you may need to buff it out to obtain a shiny looking piece of wood. Oil is also very flammable, so be cautious of fire hazards around your wooden furniture if you have used oil on it. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to refinishing wood. However, if you have wood furniture that needs touching up, you can surely find a solution in the finishes mentioned above. Remember to use the finishes carefully because you can always add more if you need to. For more information, contact a company like Leisure Furniture & Powder Coating...

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Personalizing Your Office Furnishings

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It’s estimated that adults who are employed in full-time positions across the United States spend 47 hours at the office each week. With so much time spent in an office environment, finding ways to personalize your work space can be beneficial. Here are three simple furniture hacks you might want to try to make your office seem more inviting in the future. 1. Consider reupholstering your office chair. Many office chairs come equipped with plain black upholstery. Doing something as simple as swapping out this upholstery for a fabric with a bright print can liven up your work space. Using a screwdriver, remove the seat and backrest from your office chair. Cut away the existing upholstery fabric, and use the seat and backrest as a template to trace a pattern onto the fabric of your choice. If you want to add additional cushioning to make your chair more comfortable, be sure to factor the added bulk into your template. Cut your new fabric pieces, and staple them around the seat and backrest. Reassemble your office chair, and begin enjoying a customized work space. 2. Use dry erase boards to make your storage space more functional. If you work in a field that requires creativity, having space to brainstorm can be beneficial. If your office space doesn’t have room for both storage and an area to conduct brainstorming activities, you can combine these two elements into a single piece of furniture. Covering the front of your file cabinet drawers or cupboard doors with dry erase boards gives you the opportunity to turn office storage furnishings into makeshift white boards. Simply measure out the dimensions of the surface you want to cover, then cut sections of dry erase board to match. You can attach your white board pieces using adhesive strips to allow for easy removal in the future. 3. Line your bookcases with fabric. A simple way to add a pop of color to your office space is to line the interior of your bookcases with fabric. All you need to complete this office furniture renovation is some fabric in the pattern of your choice and a can of adhesive spray glue. Remove the rear panel from your bookcase. Measure out a piece of fabric that will completely cover the panel, then attach the fabric using your adhesive spray glue. Reattach the rear panel, and enjoy your chic new office space. Finding ways to give your office furnishings a personal touch will help you enjoy the time you spend at work each week. Speak to professionals like Alexander Brothers Ltd for more...

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